Update: Feb 21st, 2011

This is a page dedicated to blog issues for FTI adminstrators.

BLOG – QuickLinks take time to update: Reason

There is a plug-in called “WP Super Cache” installed in our WordPress installation. This plug-in caches all the Blog pages for 1 hour thus saving valuable time in generating html code from php files every time we get a hit and as a result our Blog pages are served at much faster speed. Downside is that if one of us is changing the Blog content such as links or layout then we keep getting cached page until we either disable this plug-in temporarily or keep deleting the cache while changes are being made.

To disable this plug-in temporarily please go to Dashboard -> Settings -> WP Super Cache (or directly go to¬†this link) and click on OFF radio button to switch off cache and then click on “Update Status >” button to save your changes. After that make your changes and test them. Once you are done just come back to this page and turn the cache ON.
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