Update: Mar 14th, 2010
How to become a GB member:
After three months as an initial member you are entitled to apply to transition to full membership. This involves securing five votes from existing FTI members. Note that since each FTI member only has 7 votes, you will need to persuade those with remaining votes. There is a thread on the Forum that deals with this transition. Please ask questions about the transition when you are ready.
How do you know that you are a GB member?
There is an appropriate thread on the Forum which links to a Google spreadsheet. That spreadsheet tallies votes. After the votes are tallied, those who receive requisite votes are transitioned to the GB by FTI Managers.  In due course GB members will be asked to sign a form and pay a fee, as well.
As a General Body member you have permissions to access the GB Forum.
You also have additional rights on the Blog.
  1. Sanjay
    Mar 14th, 2010 at 09:28
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    How do I check my CURRENT status? Like am I an initial member or GB member – I cannot know form this website.